Jesus is the Stumbling Stone and Cornerstone

Why didn’t Israel know or recognize the Messiah? Jesus was the “stumbling stone” to the legalistic Jewish culture within the Roman empire.The Pharisees, Sadducees, elders, and scribes held to the old testament law, ordinances, and rituals. The first 5 books of Moses in the Bible are known as the Torah or Pentateuch. This forms the basis… Continue reading Jesus is the Stumbling Stone and Cornerstone

Fellowship with Holy God

Good Morning, Every Christian needs to receive the correct interpretation of the Scriptures. The Holy Spirit, who dwells inside of every believer, is our guide and interpreter of God’s Word. He will give us the interpretation in accordance with our level of understanding, as we grow in the knowledge and wisdom of the entire Word… Continue reading Fellowship with Holy God

The Armor of God

Good Morning, Scripture tells us that a Roman guard was stationed with Paul in his prison cell. Paul must have seen this guard put on his suit of armor many times, which is why he wrote the metaphor about winning the spiritual battle with spiritual armor. The bible verses are found in Ephesians 6:10-18. This… Continue reading The Armor of God