John Wesley’s Dream

John Wesley was a theologian, evangelist, and co-founder of the Methodist church. One night he had a dream which affected his life’s work, tremendously. Wesley dreamed that he died and was taken downward to the entrance of Hell. He met the keeper of the gate there. “Have you any Presbyterians here?” asked Wesley. “Oh, yes,… Continue reading John Wesley’s Dream

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

I came across a mathematical and scientific analogy to the odds of just (8) prophecies in the bible being fulfilled. You will be amazed! This, in itself, should reinforce every believer’s faith, and give unbelievers a lot of Spiritual food for thought. A number of years ago, Peter W. Stoner and Robert C. Newman wrote… Continue reading Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

The Lamb of God

We have such an awesome God! God has revealed Himself to us since time began in the Garden of Eden. Originally, God spoke, directly, to Adam and Eve and walked with them in the Garden. After sin entered the world, He sent angels, preachers, major and minor prophets, teachers, His priesthood, leaders, judges, and kings;… Continue reading The Lamb of God

Blessings and Tribulations

God breathes life into His creation. This is an individual’s very first blessing. The next most important blessing to receive is God’s eternal calling to learn about His Son, Jesus Christ, understand what He did for us at the cross, and accept Him as our Lord and Savior. The timing of when each of us learn, understand, and, truly, accept Jesus and… Continue reading Blessings and Tribulations

The Bible is God’s Instruction Manual

The Bible, which consists of 66 books of Scripture, is bound together into a single volume. There are 39 books from the old testament and 27 books from the new testament. This volume is God’s instruction manual for our lives. It is the ‘heartbeat’ of God. Human hands were instructed to pen the words, but the… Continue reading The Bible is God’s Instruction Manual

How to Invite Jesus into Your Life

Our Lord and Savior made it very easy to open the door of our hearts and invite Him into our lives. In your own words, ask Jesus to come into your life or use this simple prayer: “Lord Jesus, I believe you died for me, resurrected into heaven, and are listening to me. I repent… Continue reading How to Invite Jesus into Your Life

One Common Supernatural Thread

If we tell a short story to two or three people and ask them to repeat our story in a couple of minutes or days, there will be discrepancies in each of their stories. There may, even, be parts that were added to our original story. With this in mind, the Bible was written over… Continue reading One Common Supernatural Thread