Jesus is our ‘Second Chance’

How many millions of people have searched for the meaning of life? How many scientists, philosophers, and physicians have tried to comprehend and explain the complexities of the universe, the mind, and the human body? None of these three subjects of exploration will ever be, fully, understood by mankind because Jehovah God did not give us… Continue reading Jesus is our ‘Second Chance’

Merry Christmas Why?

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, Christmas is a great time of the year. Family and friends celebrate together, lots of shopping, decorations are displayed, love is expressed, presents are exchanged, great meals are prepared, lots of fun for the kids, and the church has the highest attendance during the holiday services. However, Christians should not forget to… Continue reading Merry Christmas Why?

Sooner Than Later

Each day the seasoned Christian should be reading and studying God’s biblical principles, and we should be applying those principles to our daily lives. Given the continued blasphemy, demoralization, and overall wickedness of our present world, the most important thing we can do is witness to people about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Spreading the… Continue reading Sooner Than Later

New Creation in Christ Jesus

I decided to write about a recent event in my life because sometimes a personal experience presents itself as a great biblical topic. My husband and I, recently, moved to a newly constructed neighborhood near the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in South Carolina. We are surrounded by beautiful mountains and lakes. Some of… Continue reading New Creation in Christ Jesus

He is Enough

Many people don’t understand that the biblical Christian faith is not a religion. Christianity is the only faith in which God has to call us to Himself through His only begotten Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. Every other type of worship is a ‘religion’ where the followers have to call upon their god(s) or idol(s). Christianity… Continue reading He is Enough

Biblical Principles and Decisions

Life is all about making choices or decisions.  The Lord, in His infinite mercy, gave us a ‘free will’ to make decisions in every aspect of our lives.  Every thought that comes into our minds requires a decision to be made.  Do we dismiss or act upon a thought?  Do we take a step forward,… Continue reading Biblical Principles and Decisions

Spiritual Warfare Prayer

The avid Christian knows that Satan is a bully! The Bible teaches us that our battle with Satan is not physical; but spiritual. He and his demonic cohorts are constantly attacking the minds of Christians all over the globe. He will attack us in our weakest moments. Every second spiritual warfare takes place between the Christian and Satan or… Continue reading Spiritual Warfare Prayer