Second Chance

Most people are not aware that an eternal future awaits ‘everyone’, whether they believe in God or not! Our eternal destiny is based upon the ‘choices’ we make with the ‘free will‘ that God has given to each one of us. Scripture unfolds God’s ‘truths’ and teaches us that this life on planet earth is our temporary training ground to eternal life. This short life we live is our second and ‘final’ chance to restore our relationship with Holy God, and Jesus Christ is the ‘Hope’ that God has provided for our repentance, redemption, and restoration.

~ A Short True Story ~

Two men in a boat capsized into the ocean. There was not another boat in sight. The cold waters took their toll on one of the men who was a Christian, and he began to go into shock. The other man was an unbeliever. Seeing his Christian friend in distress, he began to bargain with God. “If you save my friend who loves you, I promise that I will follow you, too. Please God, I will change my ways. Please give me a second chance. All I ask is for a second chance.” After repeating these words several times, he looked up and saw a boat heading in their direction. As the boat got closer, he could see the name written on the side of the boat. The boat was called “Second Chance”.     Amen!

Through His unlimited grace and at His appointed time, our Creator sent His perfect and sinless Son, Jesus, to die as our substitute’ on a cruel Roman cross. Because everyone is a sinner and Scripture states that the penalty of sin is eternal death, Jesus stepped into time to pay our ‘sin debt in full’ at Calvary. Through His unconditional love and selfless sacrifice, every sin from our past, present, and future is removed and we are reconciled to Holy God. Jesus volunteered His fashioned human body to be spent for each one of us who believes in Him. Only through Him, are we justified to stand before Holy God. To keep our ongoing fellowship with our God and Savior, we need to purge any sins on a daily basis.

For those not familiar with the Scriptures, God has, clearly, revealed Himself, His plans, His purposes, His blessings, His righteous judgement, and future events in these end times. (True believers know how the story ends!) Our Holy Creator breathed His inspiration into a biblical volume of sixty-six penned books. He chose forty human authors to write His Words in a way that we could understand, study, and apply to our lives. God’s inspiration teaches us how to live in obedience to Him. There will be no excuse on judgement day when His justifiable wrath comes upon those who ‘willfully chose’ not to believe in or follow Him! (they, too, will drink the wine of God’s fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. Rev 14:10) Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes are a picnic compared to what is coming!!!

It is a shame to see unbelievers, as well as many liberal so-called Christians, just drift through life without any biblical consideration for the truth and their eternal security. Through our God-given free will‘, many choose not to read, study, and/or apply God’s ‘truths’ to their lives. Trying to be good enough while following the ways of this world, or living a liberal ungodly lifestyle will not get you into heaven! God teaches us to love and accept the sinner, but NOT THE SIN. God and sin cannot co-exist! Without the Lord in your life, good works alone will not get you into heaven!

Many pulpits, today, are offering a ‘salad bar’ religion which allows their listeners to pick and choose their beliefs with no obligation to be biblical. Sinful people are pleased with these types of satanic messages because they are able to make up a God to fit their ungodly lifestyles. Be very careful of these ‘so-called ministers’ who claim to teach God’s Word, but, in fact, teach false doctrines of men to please the people and not Holy God.

Blessings in our Lord’s unlimited grace,

Debby Mac Manes, a disciple of Jesus Christ <><







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