The Holy Trinity

Most new believers and, maybe, some seasoned Christians are uncertain or a little bit confused about God being One, as well as Three Entities within the Holy Trinity.  Through biblical resources and the Lord, I hope the explanation below gives you a little more insight into the Three Persons of God’s Holy Trinity. As you read, remember, all things are possible with God!

Our heavenly Creator is an eternal (agape’) loving God who predestined a plan of salvation for human beings before He designed His creation. God is omniscient and hears every thought in our hearts and minds. He knew mankind would fall into sin before he created Adam and Eve. He knew our created spirits wouldn’t die or vanish. Each spirit would be, ultimately, transformed by Him. Unless God intervened in our salvation, we would have all been thrown into the lake of fire with Satan and his demonic angels, forever.

Since God and sin cannot co-exist, He implemented a temporary sacrificial system for every kind of sin. All of these innocent animal sacrifices would lead up to His one-time ultimate sacrifice on the cross. The Bible shows us that He is One God with three different Spiritual beings or entities. The combination of these three entities is known as the Holy Trinity. Before He, as our Father, designed His creation, He had predestined Himself as His Son, Jesus our Messiah. Jesus would be, fully, God and a full man; from birth to adulthood. Jesus would purge Himself of supernatural abilities and communicate with the Father through prayer. At His appointed time, He would leave His throne in heaven to enter into earthly time as the, One and Only, necessary and acceptable substitutional sacrifice who paid our total sin-debt in full; past, present, and future sins. After Jesus suffered, unimaginably, on a cruel Roman cross at Calvary, He died and, on the third day, resurrected back to His heavenly throne. God, then, sent His predestined and promised Holy Spirit to dwell inside of every believer. We, as believers in Jesus Christ, have God’s power inside our hearts and minds. He is our moral compass, teacher, discerner, interpreter of Scripture, and overall guide as we grow into the Spiritual image of Jesus Christ throughout this temporary life. We will attain perfection on the other side of eternity at God’s appointed time. Hear what the Apostle Paul says in the following verse of Scripture: (parenthesis are my added words for the explanation of the verse)

When all things are subjected to him (Jesus), then the Son himself will also be subjected to him (the Father) who put all things in subjection under him, (Jesus) that God may be all in all. 1 Cor 15:28

Jesus is the full Spiritual image of God. Jesus is God!

Blessings in His unlimited grace,

Debby Mac Manes, a disciple of Jesus Christ <><





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