Merry Christmas Why?


Christmas is a great time of the year. Family and friends celebrate together, lots of shopping, decorations are displayed, love is expressed, presents are exchanged, great meals are prepared, lots of fun for the kids, and the church has the highest attendance during the holiday services.

However, Christians should not forget to celebrate Christmas for the true reason; a second chance to restore our relationship and, daily, fellowship with Holy God! God knew Adam and Eve would sin. He had a plan of redemption for His creation to be unveiled at His appointed time. Our loving God and Savior, Jesus Christ, volunteered to step into time from eternity past and be born like one of us; a human being. This was necessary to fulfill His predetermined plan of redemption with the free gift of eternal life.

Jesus was born in the flesh as a human man, but He had the fullness of the Holy Spirit of God, the Father. He was, therefore, a God-man. He was fully God and fully man. One major difference between our stain-filled world and Jesus is that He was and is, completely, sinless. Our Holy Creator is a triune God. He consists of three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Remember, Jesus always was! His life did not begin as a babe in a Bethlehem manger. He has no beginning and no end. He, the Father, and the Holy Spirit are three different roles, but ONE eternal God.

While Jesus was on earth, He communicated with the Father through His Holy Spirit. During His 3+ year ministry on earth, He purged Himself of all supernatural ability and learned obedience through the Father. He taught us the true meaning of the Scriptures and the purpose of this life. He led by example. His teachings were witnessed by the Father through the miracles that He performed. This fulfilled the old testament law that stated the need of two or three witnesses for a validation. He introduced to us a new kind of love called ‘agape’ love. This type of love is the highest form of love in the universe. Agape love is a sacrificial, selfless, and unconditional love. Our walk in the Christian faith is based on Agape love.

Jesus was perfected in obedience to fulfill the main purpose of His predetermined visit to planet earth. Since the wages of sin is death and Holy God cannot co-exist with sin, Jesus would die in our place for all of our sins; past, present, and future sins. We are redeemed through Jesus Christ who became our voluntary substitutional sacrifice for what would be the very last Passover celebration. Jesus fulfilled the old testament covenant. His new covenant and the Lord’s supper was established.

This profound sacrificial event would be the one and only time that the Father and Son would need to be separated. During the preparation day on Friday afternoon between 12:00 to 3:00, our Holy Father needed to turn His back on mankind’s total sin-debt. Darkness filled all the land. All sin that was, is and is to come rested upon sinless, tortured, and bloodied Jesus Christ as He hung on a cruel Roman cross at Calvary. He died around 3:00 pm and was buried. On the third day, Jesus resurrected by the power of the  Holy Spirit. After His resurrection, He was seen at various times throughout Jerusalem. He visited and ate with His disciples. The Apostle Thomas touched his nail-driven scars and spear-pierced side. Five-hundred scattered people testified to all-seeing Him at one time! He ascended into heaven and now sits, once again, at the right hand of the Father on His throne.

Jesus became a substitutional sacrifice for all who believe in Him. Our sin-debt is nailed to the cross at Calvary because our ‘agape’ loving Creator needed a perfect sacrifice for His perfect plan of mankind’s redemption. A true believer in Jesus Christ not only has his or her sin-debt paid-in-full but is given the “FREE GIFT” of eternal life! We will live with Jesus in unimaginable glory as we step into His newly prepared heaven and earth! Those of us who accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior have, already, passed over to eternal life!

This is the real reason for the season!!!  Merry Christmas …

Blessings in His unlimited grace,

Deborah Mac Manes, a disciple of Jesus Christ <><


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