Biblical Principles and Decisions

Life is all about making choices or decisions.  The Lord, in His infinite mercy, gave us a ‘free will’ to make decisions in every aspect of our lives.  Every thought that comes into our minds requires a decision to be made.  Do we dismiss or act upon a thought?  Do we take a step forward, backward, or sideways? What school, college, job, spouse, or place to live do we choose? These are important decisions.  But, the most important decision we will ever make in this ‘dress rehearsal’ of life is where we will spend our eternity!

This world is made up of two classes of people; true believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and unbelievers who are still under Satan’s control. True believers have separated themselves from the thought patterns of this world. True believers can understand the purpose of this temporary life on earth because God has given us the ability to view life through His eyes and not just through our own human eyes. There are too many people who call themselves Christians, but are really pew warmers or part-timers in their Christian faith. They may go to church on Sunday, but then put God on a shelf until the following Sunday.  During the week they continue to live a worldly lifestyle.  For this reason, unbelievers cannot see a difference between part-time Christians, who supposedly walk with the Lord, and themselves.  This type of Christian testimony becomes distorted, hypocritical, and worthless.

Our Creator not only made us in His Spiritual image and breathed life into us, but chose forty human authors to pen His breath-inspired instruction manual known as Scripture. We need to read our Lord’s sixty-six books of biblical principles to know Him, understand Him, and restore our fellowship with Him. Throughout our Bible that was written over a 1,500 year period, He reveals information about Himself, His creation, and His plans for our lives. He gives us prophetic messages for past, present, and future events on earth and in eternity. He gives us His laws of obedience and a temporary governmental guardian. He teaches us that we are all born with a sin nature and that the wages of sin is death.  He teaches us how to overcome sin and death through the power of His Holy Spirit. Since God and sin cannot co-exist, He gives us a temporary priesthood and sacrificial system. Through many, many lives in Old Testament times, our Lord shows us teaching examples of blessings, disciplines, trials, tribulations, and judgements. The Old Testament is the prophetic background for the New Testament or New Covenant in Christ Jesus.

There is a four-hundred year period of silence between the Old and New Testaments while God readies His people for the arrival of His Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ. John the Baptist is sent ahead of our Lord Jesus to prepare the way for His arrival. John preaches a baptism of repentance.  At God’s predetermined time, Jesus, our perfect and sinless Messiah, steps into time from eternity past and ministers His “good news” gospel for 3 years. He fulfills the Old Testament law by, voluntarily, becoming the ultimate and final sacrificial lamb for all of our sins.  Since our consciences can now be cleansed by the Holy Spirit of Jesus who lives inside the heart and mind of every true believer, the sacrificial system is eliminated. Jesus died for every one of us who believes in Him. He became our substitute to be tortured, beaten, and hung on a cruel Roman cross at Cavalry. This, in itself, is unfathomable! He resurrected back into eternity on the third day, and now sits at the right hand of the Father. He is our Lord, Savior, High Priest, and King. The rapture is near followed by the antichrist world leader and the seven-year tribulation period.  Toward the end of the seven years, the second coming of Jesus Christ will take place. For the Lord has already told us that if He hadn’t shortened the last 3 ½ years known as the great tribulation, no life would be left on planet earth.

Through our Lord’s unlimited love, grace, mercy and Scriptural principles, true believers are equipped to make the best decision in every aspect of this life.  Our Lord has a plan for each one of our lives. By deciding to read, study, and apply His principles, we will live the very best life that He has planned for each one of us and secure our eternal destiny in Him.

Blessings in His unlimited grace,

Debby Mac Manes, a disciple of Jesus Christ <><

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