What is Happening?

Dear friends, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal that has come on you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you. 1 Pet 4:12

Believers in Jesus Christ know that this earth is the training ground for our individual spirits to grow into a Christ-like image. This temporary life is our ‘second and final chance’ to restore our relationship with Holy God. We, also, know that our lives will not be without discipline, which comes in the form of testing through trials and tribulations. Life is a paradox! If our lives were a smooth sail, humans would never look beyond themselves or this world for a Higher Authority. God, in His infinite wisdom, knows that the, only, way to grow us up and have us, freely, choose to turn to Him, will be through times of difficulty, pain, and/or suffering.

I, personally, know this all too well. Having gone through trials of colon, liver, and endometrial cancer surgeries, I am now facing a mammogram biopsy after being cured and cancer free. I am telling you this because all Christians will be persecuted or disciplined to some degree for the Lord’s purposes. I don’t believe that there is any Christian who will never have some doubt in their faith; especially when times of trials hit us hard. To counter this, we need to remember to glorify God in times of distress, as well as in times of blessings. I do thank the Lord for giving me life, being one of His children, His continued blessings, and all trials He brings into my life. I pray that I do not have another bout with cancer, but I, also, pray that the Lord uses me for whatever purpose(s) He has in mind. My heart is open to any work He has for me to do. All glory to Him!

If you are going through a crisis in your life right now, turn to the Lord. Focus on Him!! In my own experiences of doing just this, any twinge of anxiety or fear dissipates with the Lord’s incomprehensible peace and contentment in my heart and soul. This is what the Apostle Paul spoke about in his letters. We know that negativity is from the evil one. Copy the example of Michael, the Archangel. Tell Satan, “The Lord rebuke you.” Tell Satan to get behind you; be gone. This is what Jesus said to Peter when he tried to interfere in God’s plans. God’s Holy Spirit resides inside of each believer and He will triumph every time. The Apostle John tells us that greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4

In times of distress, remember all that God has done for us. He breathed life into us! He had, already, planned to give us a second chance and save those who turn to Him. The original scrolls contained the Law of Moses which were written to guide the Lord’s people throughout this life, and to live in accordance with His commands, ordinances, and statutes. Throughout the old testament, the Lord sent His angels and prophets to speak, directly, to His people, when He felt it necessary to do so. At the appointed time in history, the Lord came down from heaven and volunteered His life as a ransom for His people, so that we could live, forever, in His presence and fellowship with Him. This selfless act of unconditional love is the new testament or covenant of grace. When He returned to His glory in heaven, He sent His Holy Spirit to dwell inside of each believer. The Holy Spirit protects and guides us, reveals and interprets His Scriptures, helps us through trials and difficulties, and will take us back home on our appointed last day of life on this earth.

Everything ‘we need to know’ in this life is God-breathed and penned through His forty chosen writers. These writings are contained in one volume of 66 books. From the beginning of time to end of days, the Bible teaches us by example! God reveals Himself, His plans, and His purposes to us through the lives of past generations. He shows us His righteousness and perfection in love, discipline, justice, and judgement. Read and study God’s Word, daily. Start applying the Lord’s truths to your life. Jesus Christ is the, only, road to victory during this short time on earth, and for eternity. Make Him your priority in life and live the best life possible through Him.

Blessings in the Lord’s unlimited grace,

Debby Mac Manes, a disciple of Jesus Christ <><




One thought on “What is Happening?

  1. Debby,
    I read your amazing letter with not only sadness but with great wisdom from God’s Word. Your letter is full of sength and encouragement. I will lift you up in prayer as our LORD listens and blesses each one of us.


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