What is My Purpose?

Many people arrive at a point in their lives when they start to wonder what this life is all about. Others don’t think too much about it at all, having been swallowed-up in society’s routines of education, work, marriage, children, entertainment, and a false sense of retirement investment security. Some folks try to stay busy so they won’t have to think about their own mortality.

The ‘good news’ is that every possible question and answer about life has been revealed to us throughout the Word of God.  Our Lord and Creator of everything visible and invisible breathed revelations about Himself, His plans, and His purposes through forty human authors who penned His words. God’s volume of 66 books is inerrant! The Lord wants us to know Him, understand His ways, obey Him, love Him, and live according to all His ‘testimony’. He gives us infallible proofs of His Word and existence through all He has made with ‘glimpses of heaven’, countless fulfilled prophecies, scientific discoveries, archaeological studies, and His Holy Spirit’s power living inside each believer’s mind and heart. Our human body is proof in itself. He gives us a life plan to follow so that we can live life at its’ very best.

Read about the Lord’s incomprehensible creation of the heavenly galaxies and how He filled the earth and seas. On the sixth day, He created us for fellowship with Himself. God is love! He loves us so much that He gave, both, His angels and humans a ‘free will’ to choose a destiny leading to eternal life with Himself, or eternal separation from Him. There is nothing forceful about God’s unconditional love. He wants us to, voluntarily, come to Him. He loves us so much that He fashioned a human body, came down from heaven, suffered unimaginably, and died in our place for our sins on a cruel Roman cross. He rose again on the third day and went back to His heavenly throne. He is the perfect and sinless Savior for each of His children. He is the author and finisher of our faith and His free gift of eternal life.

To start experiencing God’s gifts of unconditional love, wisdom, insight, indescribable peace and understanding, discover the ‘truth’ about your life and life eternal by reading God’s Word on a daily basis. You will soon realize that the purpose of this life is to reconcile and re-establish our relationship with Holy God, Creator and Redeemer. You will learn that you need to put God, first and foremost, in your life in order to live out the best life, possible, that He intended and planned just for you!

Blessings in His unlimited grace,

Debby Mac Manes, disciple of Jesus Christ <><




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