People Are Without Excuse!

For His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen since the creation of the world, being understood through what He has made. As a result, people are without excuse. Romans 1:20

This is one of my favorite verses of Scripture. God, plainly, tells us to look all around and absorb His eternal power and divine nature through His creation. God gives us ‘glimpses of heaven‘ as hope for His children in this fallen world. As Scripture states above, people are without excuse for not believing in their Creator. Just look at our own bodies with the anatomical complexity that all fits and works together. The liver is an organ that can regenerate one of two lobes. How amazing and supernatural is this? God has allowed mankind to learn a great deal about our human bodies, but man will never, completely, understand how God fashioned our bodies or what the full mysteries of the brain may be. I believe that we will use the ‘full’ potential of our immortal brains in heaven.

It’s not just the peaceful serenity of the mountains, oceans, lakes, and beautiful sunsets that are astounding. God’s creation is so much more than this. We have a partial understanding of His ecosystem; plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, animals, insects, birds, and fish, and very limited knowledge of the atmosphere, sun, moon, stars, galaxies, and everything else in the heavens. It doesn’t matter how big the telescope might be; man’s knowledge is controlled and allowed by God to prove His existence.

We can plant and water, but we cannot make anything grow; physically or spiritually. The growth can, only, come from our Lord and Creator. You don’t have to be at the top of a mountain to breathe in God’s divinity. Stop a moment to look around. Take notice of all  His works and wonders.

I look out my window and see two or more, beautifully adorned, red cardinals looking back at me as they perch on the cherry tree branches. These are all blessings, great and small, when we learn how to look at life and live life through the eyes of God.

People are without excuse!

Blessings in His unlimited grace,

Debby Mac Manes, disciple of Jesus Christ <><

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