Being Full, yet Empty

Every true believer in Jesus Christ has previously, at one time or another, walked in the world’s definition of success. We are born into a culture. It’s all planned out for us by our predecessors. We go to school, college, get a job or start a business of our own, buy houses, cars, lots of toys, start a family, and pass on our culture’s value system to our children. But, along life’s highway, we have all had similar thoughts much like the following:  ‘…We live and, then, just die? I’m scared to die! Life is short, so I’m trying to enjoy myself. Is this all there is to life? There must be a reason behind all of this. Is there a God? Where is God? What is the purpose of this life? I am missing out on something or something is missing in my life. I’m looking for something, but I don’t know what that is. I have everything I want, so why am I miserable? What am I looking or searching for? Even though I have family and friends, and enjoy, for the moment, every material need or want, I feel so empty inside! (Perhaps, this is why teenagers rebel. Sound familiar? There is a reason for everything in life and that includes the teenage years.)

Well, hear the ‘good news’! There IS an answer to all those questions of uncertainty. The answer is NOT drugs, alcohol, one hour relationships, more money, a better career, or any other material or immoral choice that this world claims will satisfy you. There is, only, “One Spiritual Power” who can and will, completely, fill your heart, mind, and soul with ‘eternal’ love, peace, and joy. He is the “Holy Spirit” of the living Lord, Jesus Christ. He is ‘WHO’ you are looking for in your life!

There is One God. He is our heavenly Father and Savior, who created us for eternal fellowship with Himself. God consists of the Holy Trinity or “three entities (roles) in One”; the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The purpose of this life is to reconcile and re-establish our eternal relationship with Holy God. God will bless and discipline us as He grows us up and into His Spiritual image. God is omnipresent (everywhere), omniscient (all-knowing), and omnipotent (all-powerful). God is Spirit.

In His infinite wisdom, God, already, knew that evil would overcome and destroy us. He knew that Adam and Eve would choose to disobey Him and listen to Satan. Since the fall in the Garden of Eden, we are all born with a ‘sin nature’ and we, physically, die. The Bible teaches us that the penalty for sin is death, and that Holy God and sin cannot co-exist! So, without having to destroy His creation, God, graciously, predetermined a ‘selfless merciful plan’ of justice for all the sins of mankind.

Before creation, God, our Father, had fashioned a human body to step out of eternity and into time as His Son, Jesus the Christ or the Messiah. Jesus came to earth to save us from ourselves at our Father’s appointed time! Jesus was fully human and fully God. Since God is Spirit, this was the only way that we, in our human state, could see, hear, and talk with God on a personal level. Jesus took  ALL of our sins (past, present, and future sins) upon His own shoulders and, physically, died in our place on the cross at Calvary. Our Father’s Holy Spirit, who resides inside Jesus, raised His immortal body on the third day and Jesus now sits, as our advocate, at the right hand of our Father in heaven. When we accept Jesus Christ as our ‘Savior and Lord’, His Holy Spirit comes to dwell inside of our hearts and minds. He is the “One Spiritual power” to defeat Satan in every way; thoughts, words, and actions. And, what greater blessing could we receive than the ‘free gift’ of eternal life.

The Holy Spirit of our Lord teaches and interprets God’s biblical truths, opens our spiritual blind eyes to see and understand this life through the eyes of God, reveals God’s plans and purposes for this temporary life, gives us a glimpse of eternal life with Him, and justifies us to stand in the presence of Holy God, through Him. When everything in heaven and on earth has been subjected to Jesus Christ, after Satan’s last futile battle, Jesus will subject Himself back to the Father and God will, once again, be ‘ONE’ or ‘ALL IN ALL’ in eternity.

This is the ‘ultimate’ missing link in an unbeliever’s life, or even in a dormant Christian’s life. Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior? What are you doing for the Kingdom of God? Is Jesus ‘first and foremost’ in your life? God reveals Himself, along with His plans and purposes in His Word. The Bible is the breath of God. Do you read His Bible, daily? These are the things that, truly, matter while living in this human tent. Where you spend eternity depends, entirely, on your relationship with Jesus Christ, in this short life. Human time is running out! Don’t be one of the lost who screams from eternal hell, “Why didn’t someone tell me about this?”

Verses of Scripture:

For “God has put everything under His feet.” Now when it says that everything has been put under Him, this clearly does not include the One who put everything under Him. And when all things have been subjected to Him, then the Son Himself will be made subject to Him who put all things under Him, so that God may be all in all. 1 Cor 15:27-28

You, little children, are from God and have overcome them, because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4

With eternal thankfulness to our Father through His Son, Jesus Christ, and His indwelling Holy Spirit.

Debby Mac Manes, disciple of Jesus Christ <><

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