You Have About (6) Months Left to Live!

What would you do if the doctor told you that you have a few months to live? Well, after the initial shock of the news, you, most likely, would think the doctor made a mistake. (Denial Stage). After the shock wears off, you might become angry and bitter. How can this happen to me? I’m a good person and look at all the bad people who have it so good; or so you think. (Anger Stage). You might, also, start trying to bargain with God and make promises to Him, if He lets you live. (Bargaining Stage) And, finally, you come to the actual realization that you are going to die and have a short amount of time to live. (Acceptance Stage)

Why do we have to wait until we hear bad news before we reflect upon our ‘vapor’ of a mortal life and the true meaning of this life? Why does our faith come alive at the thought of illness and death, instead of, daily, living? The answer is, simply, this. Our ageless sinful nature of wants and desires is at work trying to sustain our lifestyles within this satanic world of temptation that surrounds us; with it’s prideful arrogance, irreverence, defiance, and disobedience toward our Creator, Lord, and Savior. We sin when we count on ourselves instead of our faith in God and the promises He reveals to us throughout His Word.

The world, which is where Satan is allowed to rule for God’s eternal purposes and plans, creeps into our, daily, lives and is, constantly, taking our focus off of the true meaning of life; which is to repent, reconcile, and restore our relationship with Holy God. God put a yearning, deep within our hearts, to seek Him. The God of all creation made us in His spiritual image for fellowship with Himself. He sent His own sinless Son, Jesus Christ, to take the world’s sins upon Himself and die on a cruel Roman Cross. Jesus became a substitute for each one of us who believes in Him, asks Him to come into our lives, and repents of our sins. Each believer in Jesus Christ is promised salvation and the ‘free gift’ of eternal life.

Don’t wait until it is too late for you to have a blessed life and intimate relationship with our Savior,  Jesus Christ. This doesn’t mean we will have a trouble-free life. Our faith will be tested and we will be disciplined by the Lord because He loves us. The Lord knows everything! The testing of faith isn’t for Him. It is for our knowledge and growth. The results of our trials will show us the strength of our faith. The, only, way we can grow up and into the Spiritual image of Jesus Christ is through suffering, trials, and tribulations.

With Jesus at the reins, His faithful followers will have the best and most fulfilling lives, possible. God’s very best is His plan for each and every one of His children. True and faithful followers of Jesus should ‘store up treasures in heaven’ by obeying and allowing Him to do His work through us. Jesus told us that He will bring His eternal rewards with Him when He returns.

The Creator of all life, things visible and invisible, loves us and has a plan for each one of us. Why wouldn’t we seek Him and His very best for us?

I testify to what I have spoken. On February 2, 2006, I was given two months to live with stage IV metastasized cancer. I have battled and been saved from three types of cancer. I can, honestly, say that cancer was the worst and best thing that ever happened to me. I thank the Lord for blessing me with remission. But, I, mostly, thank the Lord for the trials and suffering that turned me back toward Him, the strengthening of my faith in Jesus Christ, the revelation and understanding of His Word, and His calling to this ministry or any other work He chooses to do through me.

What are you waiting for? Don’t delay in putting Jesus, first and foremost, in your lives. Don’t let Satan lead you around anymore. Let Jesus take charge of your lives, TODAY!

With thankfulness to our Father through His Son, Jesus Christ.

In Jesus’ name,

Debby Mac Manes, disciple of Jesus Christ <><

Not only that, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3-4

One thought on “You Have About (6) Months Left to Live!

  1. Excellent! Excellent writing! A great motivation to read God’s word, know God’s word, love God and if you have not call upon him in prayer for your salvation now is the time to do so. If you have spiritual questions Debby is here to help you. Please read all her past posts to learn more about eternal life in heaven. It God’s greatest gift for each person in the world. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. John 3:16

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