Spiritual Maturity in the Holy Spirit

Spiritual maturity is knowing the difference between the things that are important in this temporary life and the things that are irrelevant to the kingdom of God. The Bible is our Creator’s revelation about Himself, His purposes, and His plans for His creation. God’s Word is our instruction manual for this life and teaches us…… Continue reading Spiritual Maturity in the Holy Spirit

The Christian Paradox

This world hammers our minds with the words ‘me, my, self, and I ‘ from infancy to old age. Do you realize what a testimony and witness to the Lord it would be if we, as Christians, changed just a few simple words in our, daily, vocabulary and perception of life? As a Christian family member, we know, or should…… Continue reading The Christian Paradox

“Times of the Gentiles”

We are living in the ‘church age’ of history that began fifty (50) days from Resurrection Sunday and is known as Pentecost, which means “fifty”. The ‘church age’ will continue until the ‘Rapture’. We are, also, living in what is known as the ‘times of the gentiles’ which began at the Babylonian invasion of Israel in 605 BC, and…… Continue reading “Times of the Gentiles”