A New World Order is Coming!

Parts of Matthew chapter 24, the book of Daniel, and the book of Revelation speak about a one world political government, one world religion, and a one world leader who will dominate the globe. This world leader is called the antichrist or beast in the bible. ‘Mystery Babylon’ is the metaphorical name of this new world order. As mentioned…… Continue reading A New World Order is Coming!

Biblical End Times (Part 1)

Throughout my teachings and studies of eschatology, I prepared a summary of things to come, as foretold by various prophets throughout the Scriptures, and by our Lord Jesus, Himself, who inspired the book of Revelation and answered His disciple’s questions about ‘end times’ in Mat 24. We receive a blessing when we read the book of Revelation which describes prophetic events that are…… Continue reading Biblical End Times (Part 1)