The Rapture

Some Christians don’t believe that there will be a ‘rapture’. However, the bible is clear that the ‘rapture’ will take place. These verses are found in 1 Thes 4:13-18 and were written by the Apostle Paul to the Thessalonian believers. You will find these discerning verses at the end of this teaching. The differences between the ‘rapture’ and the ‘second coming’…… Continue reading The Rapture

Jesus is Our ‘Second Chance’

How many millions of people have searched for the meaning of life? How many scientists, philosophers, and physicians have tried to comprehend and explain the complexities of the universe, the mind, and the human body? None of these three subjects of exploration will ever be, fully, understood by mankind because Jehovah God did not give us…… Continue reading Jesus is Our ‘Second Chance’

God had ‘Enough’!

Throughout God’s Word, He shares His perfect Divinity and eternal plans for His creation. He breathed His inspiration into the hearts of human authors to pen teachings that we could understand. Our Lord is a Creator with unconditional (agape) love. He endures sin with much long suffering. He has immeasurable patience that mankind will not,…… Continue reading God had ‘Enough’!

My Calling

My name is Deborah Mac Manes and I am a Christian artist living in Anderson, SC with my wonderful husband, Allan, of 24 years. My hope and prayer is that this Christian teaching blog will help you attain the blessings of Spiritual wisdom, discernment, nourishment, and contentment through the understanding and application of the Scriptures. I…… Continue reading My Calling

The Ultimate Choice

If you read, study, and understand the true meaning of the Scriptures, you know that this earthly life is our Holy Creator’s training ground to immortality. How we live and the ‘choices’ we make will determine our eternal destination; heaven or hell! A true Christian is blessed with the profound knowledge that the main purpose…… Continue reading The Ultimate Choice

The Priestly Order of Melchizedek

Then the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom. Mark 15:38 When Jesus died on the cross, the veil in the Holy of Holies (inner sanctuary of the Tabernacle) was torn from top to bottom. What is the significance of this? When Jesus sacrificed Himself for us, He walked through…… Continue reading The Priestly Order of Melchizedek

The Armor of God

Good Morning, Scripture tells us that a Roman guard was stationed with Paul in his prison cell. Paul must have seen this guard put on his suit of armor many times, which is why he wrote the metaphor about winning the spiritual battle with spiritual armor. The bible verses are found in Ephesians 6:10-18. This…… Continue reading The Armor of God